1800 homeless man in subway

About Us

Koolesh Shah Family Foundation is a philanthropic organisation dedicated to making a positive impact on society through strategic giving and community engagement.

Established with a vision to empower individuals and communities to thrive, the foundation supports initiatives in education, healthcare, social welfare, and environmental sustainability. The foundation honors the legacy and values of the Shah family by promoting charitable giving, fostering innovation, and creating opportunities for those in need.

The commercial entity of the foundation is London Town Group, shaping the future in real-estate and energy investment. Founded in 1988 by Koolesh Shah, London Town Group of Companies is a private sector corporation focussed on cutting-edge performance in four main pillars – Real Estate, Software & Automation, Clean Energy and Energy Storage. 

more than 50% of homeless individuals diagnosed with traumatic brain injury

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What People Say

“The generosity of this organisation makes it possible for us to continue offering inspiration and motivation to young people in North London”

– Making the Leap

“The passion and inspiration from this foundation has enabled us to grow at a rate we could have only dreamt about a year ago”

– Supported Charity based in Derby

The Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting disadvantaged young people in realising their full potential. We aim to break down barriers and promote social mobility, helping individuals from all backgrounds to access the education and lives they aspire to achieve. The Foundation offers a range of practical support, including mentorship programs, career workshops, internships, and university application support, to empower young people to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.