1800 homeless man in subway

About Us

The focus of the Foundation is on projects aiding shelter and supporting mental health.

Our aim is to promote ‘excellence’ in each activity we support, our decision-making is rigorous, with funding being provided on the basis of expert peer review.

We are specifically interested in encouraging applications from areas of the UK where there are sparse funding sources available.

We are particularly seeking opportunities to act as a catalyst to develop a long lasting legacy. Our aim is to enable our funds to lever additional support and help attract funding to areas that may otherwise be under-resourced.

The commercial entity of the foundation is London Town Group, shaping the future in real-estate and energy investment. Founded in 1988 by Koolesh Shah, London Town Group of Companies is a private sector corporation focussed on cutting-edge performance in four main pillars – Real Estate, Software & Automation, Clean Energy and Energy Storage. 

more than 50% of homeless individuals diagnosed with traumatic brain injury

Recent Causes

What People Say

“The generosity of this organisation makes it possible for us to continue offering inspiration and motivation to young people in North London”

– Making the Leap

“The passion and inspiration from this foundation has enabled us to grow at a rate we could have only dreamt about a year ago”

– Supported Charity based in Derby

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As a team we inspire positive social development by activating a diverse variety of projects across the homeless, shelter, mental health and entrepreneurship sectors while promoting the initiatives around the globe.