Eastern Eye Arts Culture & Theatre Awards Best Actor

Eastern Eye Arts Culture & Theatre Awards Best Actor

ACTA has evolved and grown since it was launched in 2016. It appears to have touched a chord certainly in the Asian community but in the last three years it has gone beyond that. ACTA encourages diversity and has been pleased to note the advances made by such TV programs as McMafia, Doctor Who and Mrs Wilson. 

It is not the mission of ACTA merely to heap laurels on those who are already well known and part of the mainstream. Through its week to week newspaper coverage and through ACTA, Eastern Eye is always striving to discover fresh talent. Those who win an ACTA or are shortlisted for an award usually find it a little easier to make it in the mainstream.

Director of London Town Group Dr Nikhil Shah was at the ACTA awards held at May Fair hotel, London on Friday 21st June to present the Eastern Eye Award for Film, TV & Drama, Best Actor to Ash Tandon for Bodyguard. 

There was a time when the first generation of immigrants from India, Pakistan and elsewhere thought the arts were for other people. With successive generations that view has changed although in some quarters people are still intimidated from going into the arts – or even going to see a play or an exhibition. Britain is extraordinarily rich in the creative industries which are worth £92bn a year – and it has to be emphasised that the arts are for everyone. 

Koolesh Shah Family Foundation are proud to sponsor Eastern Eye’s Arts Culture & Theatre Awards to support the mission of encouraging diversity and advances in the creative industries.