Koolesh Shah Family Foundation support the North Paddington Food Bank

North Paddington Food Bank

Koolesh Shah Family Foundation are proud to have supported the North Paddington Food bank, thank you to the food bank team for the kind words provided…

Dear Koolesh Shah, 

Thank you for your recent donation. 

North Paddington Food Bank is changing. From 8th November 2021 for an initial eight-week period, we will be providing our customers with financial assistance instead of food parcels. Many people are facing a very bleak winter with cuts to benefits, rising fuel costs and great uncertainty. To ensure continuity of the excellent service NPFB takes pride in, and to meet the needs of the community, we have taken the bold decision to put food distribution on hold and support our customers in a ground-breaking way, by giving them the money they need. 

We have listened to what the community needs and are using this moment as an opportunity to embrace the cash first model of support. The foodbank is moving away from traditional food aid and putting person centred, 360-degree support at the forefront of our operations. 

NPFB will be working closely with charitable partners, other food banks, and Westminster Council to support the community and distribute hardship funds while we integrate our new Head of the Foodbank, recruit into the staff team and whilst doing so, consider how best NPFB can serve the community post-pandemic and into 2022. 

We recognise that our traditional ‘hands on’ approach to food aid has benefited the community in many ways and provided opportunities to bring stakeholders together. Please be assured we will continue to make sure nobody in North Westminster goes hungry and play our part in the community.

Without your support – particularly at this critical time – we could not empower so many individuals across Westminster.  

Once again from all of us, thank you for your support.  

Yours sincerely,     

Christina Tyson

Admin and Customer Support Manager