Proud to be supporting the work of Framework Nottingham

Framework Nottingham are committed to providing better futures for everyone

We believe that everyone has the right to a better future:

  • People who are affected by homeless
  • People who are addicted to drugs and alcohol
  • People are struggling with their mental health
  • People who are unemployed and socially excluded
  • And people with problems so complex that they and many others have given up hope that their lives will change.

Our work is about empowering those people to address the challenges they face and supporting them to live independently in our communities.

Tackling homelessness and disadvantage

We hold a clear vision of the future built on a community of inclusion:

  • Where people are valued for who they are and what they can be
  • Where individuals and families will be decently housed, supported by others and will look to the future with hope
  • Where homelessness won’t happen because the causes are understood and prevented
  • Where resilience will be developed in schools and at work to reduce the impact of emotional trauma
  • Where the supply of damaging substances will be reduced, so they no longer threaten health and wellbeing
  • Where opportunities will exist to develop new skills and employment prospects. People will feel safe because they and others feel included, have aspirations and are positive about the future.

These are bold ambitions but to achieve success we must first be sure what it looks like.

It is our pleasure as a foundation to support the work on the ground by Framework.