Thank you for your recent donation to First Steps

First Steps

Dear Koolesh Shah,

Thank you for your recent donation. Your support will cover the costs to provide one of our Children and Young People with our full 6-week counselling service with a member of our team where they receive weekly peer support for their disordered eating or eating disorder. These services are usually delivered face to face in either our Derby clinic on Vernon Gate, in their homes or whilst at school which enables them to re-learn their relationship with food and their body image.

We are going to allocate your funds to cover our costs of delivering our February Skills for Carers programme. A 4-week course (currently delivered online) where we have 29 parents registered to attend this month’s programme and this kind donation will therefore go further to help many more indirectly.

Eating Disorders rarely only impact the individual so providing support to parents and carers through our Skills for Carers 4-week programme enables participants to learn new skills and apply knowledge to support self-care in the home environment and this enablement does directly help the loved one impacted by an eating disorder.

Once again from all of us, thank you for your support. 

Yours sincerely,

Kevin Parkinson

Chief Executive