Thank you letter from Gifting Humanity

Gifting Humanity
Gifting Humanity

Dear Koolesh Shah,

Thank you for your recent donation. Gifting Humanity is a non-profit charity run by individuals who volunteer their personal time to help humanity, thus the purpose is to make a positive contribution to help the needy and, in turn improve their lives. Established in our hometown of Leicester in 2015 we are proud to have become one of the forefront charities leading in the assistance of projects globally.

Hussein Ali, the inspiration, and a pivotal member of Gifting Humanity has been involved in charity work for over a decade before setting up Gifting Humanity.

Projects undertaken by Hussein Ali include providing much needed supplies to orphanages; food and essentials to poverty-stricken areas around the world and numerous water pumps have been financed and installed globally providing the desperate vital water supplies to villages and rural areas.

The charity provides myriad (lots of) opportunities to help the poor and needy, therefore helping people with varying needs. Our Projects range from providing clean water, food and clothing to emergency assistance in disastrous areas, for all backgrounds locally, nationally and internationally. Our Global footprint has made us one of the most recognised charity, giving 100% donations and supporting other UK based charities to deliver their projects.

Without your support – particularly at this critical time – we could not empower so many individuals across the globe.

Once again from all of us, thank you for your support. 

Yours sincerely,

Hussein Ali