Our work in Kenya

Charity Connect

As part of the Koolesh Shah Family Foundation the Charity connection initiative is a community of genuine, vetted charitable initiatives and founders, who are carrying out incredible grassroots efforts to alleviate hunger and hardship within disadvantaged communities in Nairobi, Kenya.

Charity Connect aims to identify and support initiatives that truly give back to the most vulnerable beneficiaries. We believe trust is the key to making true impact, and we only support those who we know are making a real difference, and who have been through our vetting process.

Our vetting process includes going through all official registration documentation, looking at submissions to the NGO board, and spending a month on the ground in person with the initiative seeing exactly how it operates, who the beneficiaries are, and what impact is being achieved.

Our programs:

Charity Connect started when our founder began cooking meals for 200 refugees and the homeless each week from her home in 2019, and distributing in the local area. It has now grown into a wide reaching organisation which aims to achieve sustainable, genuine impact, through setting up and running various empowerment projects throughout Nairobi in partnership with local organisations, as well as distributing in kind donations to vetted beneficiaries through our trusted network, and supporting the education of a pre vetted group of candidates who are extremely vulnerable.