We are proud to collaborate with Framework supporting more than 18,000 people per year.

We are proud to collaborate with Framework
‘Without Framework I would be in prison’

Koolesh Shah family foundation are proud to support the work of Framework, Nottingham. Framework support more than 18,000 people a year across the Midlands and the North of England – providing a network of interlinking services that have the potential to change and even save people’s lives.

We are touched by Phil’s story, an individual Framework has helped to teach him how to live his life…

“When I was 19 I was kicked out of my parents’ house and found myself homeless. I was sofa surfing some nights, and on other nights when I had no options I would just wander around.  I have been in trouble in the past and I was doing quite a few silly things.

“I was into drugs. I was angry all the time and would often end up in a prison cell for the night. Since getting help from Framework I have mellowed quite a bit. I am a lot more motivated and hopefully on the right path to living my life as well as I can.

“I have a lot more responsibilities and I think I can live up to them now. Framework has developed me quite a bit as a person. They helped to get me on track, manage my money responsibly and also found me a place to live. They have generally helped me to learn how to live my life. Without Framework I really think I would have ended up in jail.”