I Afrika outreach, care and education

I Afrika outreach, care and education
I Afrika is a grassroots street kids rehabilitation organisation which places grace, love, commitment and faith as the cornerstones of its work. 

Koolesh Shah Family Foundation is extremely proud of our work with Peter and Esther from I Afrika.

The iniative grew out of one Kenyan couple’s desire to provide a safe refuge for street children during Kenya’s post-election violence in 2007/8. Peter (Opi) and Esther Nduati envision a society where street children are treated with respect, and the Church leads the way in the battle to restore dignity and hope to young, broken lives. With the support of many friends, internationally and locally, the impact of I Afrika’s ministry has grown significantly since 2007, but what has not changed is our desire to look at a child on the street with eyes that see potential rather than problems, and hope rather than despair. 

The I Afrika family that was formed in a crowded rental house a decade ago is now housed on five acres of quiet farmland on the outskirts of Nairobi. I Afrika has seen hundreds of former street-boys turn their lives around in this period. Many have been reunited with family members, many have been given the means to start their own small businesses, and many without a safe home have stayed with us for as long as they have needed. All have been given the respect, love and safety they deserve – all things which are desperately absent on the streets.

There are three main pillars to our work: Outreach, Care, and Education.

We are proud of our work with in collaboration with Charity Connect and I Afrika.