The foundation support Nottingham Nightstop in association with Open Homes

The foundation support Nottingham Nightstop in association with Open Homes

The Koolesh Shah Family Foundation is delighted to be supporting the initiatives of Open Homes charity that aims to provide accommodation for 16-25 year olds who are homeless or living in inappropriate accommodation. The main project currently is Nottingham Nightstop, which provides emergency accommodation in the homes of trained volunteer hosts and is affiliated to DePaul Nightstop UK.

All of the accommodation offered provides the homeless young person not just with a roof over their head but with a stable and friendly host family or community of peers to ensure that they will be safe and welcomed into their new home.

We believe that the best route out of homelessness is through a stable and nurturing environment and our individual placements aim to avoid the issues that can arise when placing a number of different people with varying levels of support needs together.

We believe that being welcomed into healthy families and communities is a helpful way for homeless young people to move on to a more positive future.

The intention of these initiatives is to achieve the following:

– Preventing rough sleeping and inappropriate accommodation by providing safe & welcoming emergency accommodation in the homes of approved volunteer host families

– Providing longer term accommodation for young people within welcoming, stable families or peer communities, to help them learn how to take responsibility for their tenancy and to build healthy relationships

– Providing affordable, supportive accommodation so that young people who have experienced homelessness can remain in the same stable accommodation whether they are working or claiming benefits