The importance of charity

The Koolesh Shah Family Foundation is a UK charity. The focus of our foundation is to help aid the homeless and support individuals who struggle with mental health issues. We aim to promote ‘excellence’ in each act of giving or charity. As a foundation, we are specifically interested in encouraging applications from all areas around the UK. Especially in areas where there is sparse funding and fewer sources available.

So, why is it so important to give and help people who need an act of charity? When choosing to give, you may not be aware of how much your donation will help the charities you are supporting. You might be attached to an individual case; however, your donation will help the charity as a whole. There is also the obvious, that it is a good deed and it makes you feel great. So, there are a lot of personal benefits to helping others and giving to charity. 

One reason why we think it is good to give to charity is that it makes you feel good. Donating can give you a major mood boost. The knowledge that you are helping others and giving to those in need is hugely empowering as well as fulfilling. Research has demonstrated that there is a link between donating to charity and an increase in the pleasure section of the brain. It has been proven that donors feel motivated and feel enjoyment out of giving. Which is a key influence as to why they continue to give.

Helping others, and giving to charity can help improve your values and morals. Giving to charity and making regular donations can make you feel influential and connected to improving the lives of others. The act of giving can centre your moral compass. Acting on these powerful feelings and having a responsibility to give is a great way to reinforce what we truly believe in and our values. It will make you feel as though you are living in a way that is selfless and true to your own ethical beliefs.

Donating to a charity can have a positive influence on the community and people around you. It is a positive, selfless act, and it can be encouraging to remind people that generosity is important. If you are in a privileged position or able to donate, it is a good moral value to have. Sharing the experience of donating to charity is a great example to set for your children. Donating has a positive impact on your children making them feel responsible for making changes in the world. Children naturally are very loving and nurturing towards others. While they are still learning they are like sponges. Soaking up behaviours, words, experiences from adults. If you nurture their innate generosity then they will grow up with a greater appreciation of how fortunate they are and the importance of supporting a charity into their adulthood.

The same can be said for friends and family. Your donation can help inspire others to reach a bit deeper into their pockets and give what they can. It can help increase morale within a bonded group and have a positive effect on helping others. It is a win, win. 

So, why not give a little more? Help inspire others, with a completely selfless act that you know is going to benefit those in need. Has this inspired you? We can make it easy for you to donate today. Take a look at all the charities we support. Read more via our website.