Why is education so important for children’s development?

Everyone knows that learning begins from the minute you take a breath into this world. From the first cry, the first yawn, the first mishap, each child is learning, and educating themselves.  

Early childhood education is critical for the brain development of young people. This stage is very crucial for a child’s physical and mental development. 

Here are some of the main factors why early childhood education is paramount during the early stages of childhood.

One of the core principles as to why childhood education is so important is because during early childhood a critical period they go through is the development of the brain. In this phase, neurons are organised to form complex brain functions. These functions are essential to set up patterns of behavioural and emotional operations for future stages of life. So, improper or absence of early childhood education may hinder this development. 

Self-esteem is an important virtue for a child. It is easier for it to be nurtured outside of the home environment, in a place of education such as preschool or nursery. The nursery or preschool professionals will teach your child how to respond to peer pressure, make healthy choices, and educate them on developing their moral compass, etc. At such a young age they are trying to discover themselves and explore. This means that their energy levels and attitude also come to light more vividly as they grow into their own little characters. Thus, with praise, attention from another adult that isn’t their parent, and frequent interaction with other children, your child’s self-esteem will expand in a positive way. 

Basic subjective learnings are started from the very beginning of our life. A child learns ABCD of any subject through rhymes, acts, and stories like fairy tales. These fundamental teachings make them more realistic, develop their intelligence and prepare them for education. 

“Education” is a basic principle of life. Without it there is no future, no value of life, no jobs or lessons learnt for adult life. Education helps individuals become more valued members of society. It is easier to get a better-paid job and can teach the difference between good and bad. Education demonstrates the importance of the main values and morals adults carry through their adult life. Education shows us the importance of hard work and, at the same time, helps us grow and improve. Thus, we are able to shape a better society to live in by knowing and respecting rights, laws, and regulations. This is fundamental for a child’s progress. 

Give your child early education to build the value of education inside them. 

The reason we deem education to be so important is that the Koolesh Shah Family Foundation supports SOAS University. Their support has enabled SOAS to run the module for the past three years.

Shah has pledged that support would continue for a further three years. As of a few months ago. This is because at the Koolesh Sha Family Foundation we acknowledge that teaching integral subjects within education is imperative. SOAS mainly focuses on teaching religious studies and philosophy. These teachings can offer an exclusive insight into the potential of humans, evolution, world equality, and human nature.

Without the initial stages of education at a young age, such teachings would not be able to go ahead. It is all about principles and morals being discovered young so that the individuals can grow into well rounded highly educated adults. This will only allow for social progress and equality within our society. Something that, at the Koolesh Shah Family Foundation, we deem paramount.Take a look at our website to see how we grow these principles and support other charities.