The homeless pandemic in the UK

Homelessness has and will continue to a problem in UK. It has always been a widespread issue throughout the country, and with the growing uncertainty surrounding COVID 19, the problem is likely to get worse. 

According to the Guardian, 70,000 households were made homeless during the pandemic, highlighting that homelessness can and does affect everyone. In fact, to highlight the severity of the problem, data shows that almost 2700 people were estimated to be sleeping rough in autumn last year. Although this figure is down from 2019, it still highlights that there is work to be done to improve the issue, with rough sleepers increasing by 52% on the last decade. 

Thankfully, due to the contribution of charities like ours and many others, the number is beginning to fall. However, more work must be done to provide rough sleepers and the homeless with somewhere safe to stay. 

We’re confident that, with more donations to valuable charities that support the issue, as well as the right government support, the issue of homelessness can and will be solved. 

Here is some feedback from a number of homeless charities we’ve supported in the past…

‘’Dear Koolesh Shah,

Thank you for your recent donation. Open Homes is a charity that aims to provide accommodation for 16-25-year olds who are homeless or living in inappropriate accommodation.

Our main project is Nottingham Night stop, which provides emergency accommodation in the homes of trained volunteer hosts and is affiliated to DePaul Nightstop UK.

Nottingham Nightstop provides emergency accommodation on a night-by-night basis in our volunteer hosts’ homes, preventing the young person from ending up rough sleeping or staying in unsafe accommodation.  We have a team of volunteer drivers who collect the young person in the evening and take them to their host’s house.  All our volunteers are DBS checked and fully trained.

In 2020 we successfully hosted 28 young people for 157 Night stop bed nights.

Without your support – particularly at this critical time – we could not empower so many 16 – 25-year olds who are homeless or living in inappropriate accommodation.

Once again from all of us, thank you for your support. 

Yours sincerely,

Megan Towers – Project Manager’’


‘’Dear Koolesh Shah, 

Thank you for your recent donation of £250 towards Framework’s winter appeal Homeless to Home. Your support enables us to continue responding effectively to the current crisis, keeping more people safe by preventing homelessness, supporting rough sleepers, and resettling people into safe and suitable accommodation.’’

Do you know of a worthy cause that can help tackle the homeless crisis in the UK? Get in touch today.