Why helping others is so important

As a charity ourselves, we take great pride in helping others through our various schemes and initiatives. Whether it’s supporting education or assisting with the homeless pandemic, we find it incredibly important to always give back. Many charities like us do similar work with the hope to make the world a better place. However, haveContinue reading “Why helping others is so important”

The pandemic and education – What impact has covid had on learning?

The importance of schools and education is critical to the development of the young generation. Not only is it important for their personal growth, but also their mental stability and health.  Education comes in the form of schools or various learning centres, providing children with stability, routine and consistency within their lives. This helps toContinue reading “The pandemic and education – What impact has covid had on learning?”

The homeless pandemic in the UK

Homelessness has and will continue to a problem in UK. It has always been a widespread issue throughout the country, and with the growing uncertainty surrounding COVID 19, the problem is likely to get worse.  According to the Guardian, 70,000 households were made homeless during the pandemic, highlighting that homelessness can and does affect everyone.Continue reading “The homeless pandemic in the UK”