The pandemic and education – What impact has covid had on learning?

The importance of schools and education is critical to the development of the young generation. Not only is it important for their personal growth, but also their mental stability and health. 

Education comes in the form of schools or various learning centres, providing children with stability, routine and consistency within their lives. This helps to protect young people, providing mental stability and trusted relationships with adults and the teachers around them. 

Unfortunately, the pandemic had a huge effect on education over the last 18 months, with schools closed and lessons operated online. Not only did this effect the quality of education received, but also the routine and school environment that young kids need to thrive. 

Recent times have truly highlighted the importance of early childhood education, not only from a learning standpoint, but also the environment and safety it provides to thousands of young individuals all over the country. 

The impact of this pandemic, particularly on groups who are already disadvantaged, is likely to widen and strengthen existing inequalities, contributing to a rise in young people looking for mental health support and life-saving amenities like food, shelter and guidance. 

The impact of the Covid-19 crisis will undoubtedly have a long-lasting impact on young people’s mental health and the services that support them. School services are critical to the young generation and their development into early adulthood. 

Although schools are now open, the Government must consider the damage caused throughout this turbulent period and apply emergency response and policies to recover from the crisis.

Education and mental health are so important, particularly for those individuals who are still learning and developing. That’s what makes our mission more important than ever. 

At our foundation, our aim is to empower the next generation, through funding in areas that may normally be vacant. 

We’re consistently looking for ways in which we can help with early childhood education, as well further education like university and college studies. 

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